Reiki Training Requirements - do I need any qualifications or experience to take a Reiki Course?

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To start a Reiki Course (Level 1 or First Degree), you don't need any qualifications or experience.

Just start your Reiki Training with an open mind. Your Reiki Master and Teacher will guide you. You need to follow simple instructions and you must be willing to participate in all the exercises.

If you have any health or other concerns that may prevent you from taking an active part in the training, be sure to discuss this with your Reiki teacher before you join the course.

Reiki is about self-healing as well as about helping others (for those who wish to take up Reiki professionally).  A desire for self-improvement and a willingness to assist others is a good indicator that you will enjoy Reiki. Many students start out to learn Reiki for personal use. However, when they experience the wonderful effects that Reiki has, they share Reiki with family and friends. Many go on to practice Reiki professionally (Reiki Level 2). When they make a further commitment to Reiki, they can train as Reiki Masters and Teachers.

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