Reiki Training - what to wear when I attend a Reiki Training Course?

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Wear what is comfortable for you. You will be participating in exercises - you may be required to lie down on a Reiki Massage Table (if available at your Reiki Training Workshop) or on a mat on the floor. This is when your fellow students are doing Reiki on you. You'll then try the exercises on others.

In short, wear something that allows you to move freely. You are also likely to get warm or hot - one of the things that happens when working with Reiki energy.

The above applies generally

The same applies with jewels, ornaments and watches. Some Masters and Teachers expect you to remove jewels and watches.

Always check your course details for any specific requirements. Some Masters and Teachers are very particular and very rigid about what they expect you to wear. If you are not comfortable with their requirements, select a Reiki course that you are comfortable with.

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