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Absolutely not! Clients are NOT required to remove clothing. Reiki energy works just fine through clothing. Reiki works in three main ways:

1) Hands On - the Reiki Practitioner places his or her hands very lightly on the client (fully clothed, that is both the client and the practitioner!). The standard hand positions are covered in your Reiki classes. As you become experienced, or if you work intuitively, you are also likely to follow your intuition. There is more to Reiki than the standard hand positions.

You will also be taught client privacy/personal space is very important. You must always explain to your clients what the hand positions are -  in your training, you'll receive specific guidance (what to DO, what NOT to do). You must seek your client's consent to proceed with the Reiki session. 

2) Hands off - you can use the hand positions but instead of actually laying your hands on your client, you keep your hands a few CM / inches away from your client. Reiki energy still works in the same way.

It is best to ask the client whether he/she prefers hands on or hands off treatment.

There are other considerations and formalities you need to be aware of. These are covered in the Reiki Course (first degree, second degree).

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