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When people first come across the concept of Distance Healing (or Absent or Remote Healing), they dismiss it outright. It's like any new concept or knowledge - people jump to condemn the unknown.

There is a wide variety of literature on the efficacy of distance or remote healing. If you want to get into a lot of detail, just check out any good bookstore or research libraries. Be open minded and be prepared to enjoy the world of Quantum Physics, Time and Space, Multiple and Parallel Universes, Alternative Realities, Synchronicity, Mind Body Spirit Soul, and so on.

However, if you are simply interested in receiving Reiki Distance Healing without getting into the research, here's what happens:

A trained Reiki Practitioner (Level 2) or a Reiki Master and Teacher (Level 3) can send distance healing, having been trained to do such healing. A variety of distant healing techniques are at the disposal of the Reiki Healer.

At an advanced level, all healing is about "connection" or being in the moment, being one with the Universe - distant or remote healing are convenient language expressions of what takes place. They satisfy our need to put labels on everything.

Contact your Reiki Clinic for more details. With distance healing, it doesn't have to be your local clinic!

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