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As with many other aspects of Reiki, there are many variations. You'll find the following is more common (but there are many other options):

Western Reiki Level 1 is taught over one or two full days, or on a part-time basis

Western Reiki Level 2 is covered over one or two full days, or on  a part-time basis

Western Reiki Level 3 is offered over one, two or three full days, or on a part-time basis

Eastern Reiki levels 1 to 4

Some Reiki Masters and Teachers expect you to wait for one month to six months before moving to the next level. Others are happy for you to proceed at the rate that you consider you're able to deal with (shorter or longer periods). Sometimes, the Master and Teacher's own perceptions (and limitations) play a part in how he or she teaches. 

Select the training that meets your own individual requirements; choose a Master and Teacher that seems just right for you.

Remember: completing the course is just the beginning. When you use Reiki on a daily basis, you'll gain real practical experience that will make you better day by day.

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