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Reiki Symbols have traditionally been kept secret - they were only revealed to students undertaking Reiki Level 2 (three symbols) and Reiki Level 3 (Master Symbol; some teachers also provided additional symbols). Both the symbols and the attunements are considered sacred and many Reiki Masters and Teachers still follow the secrecy tradition.

With the ease of communication, and the advent of the Web, some masters and teachers have broken with tradition - and they have revealed the symbols and even the attunement process. They argue in order to make Reiki available widely, to enhance the positive vibrations for all living things, it's time to let go of secrecy. After all, we are in the information age. You can therefore find the symbols online and in some books and DVDs.

Reiki Symbols are used in Reiki Treatments as well as in Reiki Attunements. The symbols are from ancient Sanskrit and Japanese Kanji. They are "representations" of Reiki energy, not the energy itself.

To activate the symbols and therefore the healing energy, many Reiki Masters and Teachers maintain it is essential you have been "attuned" or "initiated" into Reiki by a Reiki Master and Teacher.

Symbols are just that - symbols. They are like "keys" that enable you to unlock the healing energies, to discover what Reiki really is. The best way to learn this is experientially with a Reiki Master and Teacher.

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Reiki Symbols, what they are, how they are used, what they represent ...