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There are many types and makes of Reiki Massage Tables costing upwards from 99 ($175) for new ones; used ones are cheaper (e.g., on eBay or other auction sites). When some students learn or start Reiki, they get a massage table but then give up ... they often sell their Reiki equipment at well below cost price.

Some Massage Tables are light-weight and are therefore suitable for mobile Reiki Sessions. However, you must always consider client safety. Is the table sturdy enough? What is the maximum recommended weight? Can your client get on and off the therapy table easily and safely?

You can also give a Reiki Treatment on a Recliner Therapy Chair (good ones cost far more than a Reiki Massage Table).

Optional headrests, carry case and other accessories are also available. Don't just go for the first one you see - compare what you will be getting for the price; and have your specific needs in mind (regular Reiki Clinic Table or a portable one for a mobile clinic).

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