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You may have heard some healers saying they are totally drained out after giving healing sessions or that they they suffer from "transfer" symptoms (that they "take" the suffering or pain or illness).

That is NOT Reiki healing - it may be some other form of healing (or a combination of Reiki and other healing).

Reiki comes from a higher source - it flows (or connects) via the Reiki Practitioner, he/she is NOT the energy source. As the Reiki healer is not using his or her energy source, he or she can't be "drained out" of energy. In fact, the opposite happens: as Reiki energy passes (connects) via the Reiki Practitioner, he/she also benefits from this energy.

Negative Transference is also not an issue with Reiki. The Reiki healer is not required to "take" away anything - he/she is not the source. As such, he/she shouldn't be attached to the outcome; there's no place for ego or "credit taking"; Reiki is for the highest good of all concerned. The only Transference is of the positive kind - healing energy from the Reiki source to the recipient via the healer.

Of course, as a Reiki healer, you should take a common sense approach. If you do 6 to 9 Reiki sessions in one day, you will get tired. That isn't any different from doing any other other type of work.

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