Should a Reiki Practitioner or Reiki Master diagnose an illness or disease? Reiki Questions and Answers ...

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In one word - No!

It is not within the Reiki Practitioner's training or scope to provide a diagnosis - only medically qualified doctors can do that. Even if a client insists on an opinion, steer well clear of it. In most countries, it is also illegal to provide medical advice unless you are a qualified medical doctor.

Always direct your client to a medical practitioner for medical issues

With Reiki, you're dealing with energy work (what is sometimes called Energy Medicine) but complementary and alternative therapy is not a replacement for medical consultation or medical treatment. They are totally different. Also, never advise clients about any medication even if they solicit your views - again, ask them to consult their medical doctors. Remember: your Reiki insurance only covers you for ... Reiki.

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Should a Reiki Practitioner or Reiki Master diagnose an illness or disease? Reiki Treatment and Training Questions and Answers ...