Is Reiki a Religion?

Do I have to be "religious" or "spiritual" to benefit from Reiki (as a receiver or as a practitioner)?

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The answer to both questions is NO.

Reiki is universal life energy (or life force energy) that is everywhere. You don't need to "believe" in Reiki - be open minded and experience it for yourself. Millions have found this wonderful energy to be highly beneficial (it has also been called a healing energy or energy medicine).

Reiki promotes self-awareness, relaxation, letting go of anger, tension, stress, etc. It is therefore a natural method to bolster your self-healing ability. There are countless examples of how Reiki has helped people. It is gaining wider acceptance in medical clinics and hospitals.

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Do I have to be "religious" or "spiritual" to benefit from Reiki (as a receiver or a practitioner)? Reiki Treatment and Training Questions and Answers ...