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Dear Prospective Reiki Student

Many thanks for your message about our Reiki Classes and Reiki Courses.

If you cannot attend during working hours / days, we may be able to offer Saturday classes by special arrangement (
subject to availability of the Reiki Training room / Reiki Masters.)

North London Reiki Training is normally in Harrow (or within 25 minutes drive from Harrow). Once your booking is made, the location is confirmed by us. For International Reiki Training, please refer to the main page.

Please let us know what training you are interested in:

Reiki 1 
Reiki II 
Reiki III

Reiki Training is available subject to mutually agreed training dates and times, full days, half days, evenings, weekends (subject to availability of our Reiki Masters).

  • London Reiki Training and International Reiki Training

Next Step

Contact us to take London Reiki courses and International Reiki classes - tell us a little bit about yourself, why you want to study Reiki and why our course, where did you hear about this training? Please note we cannot reply to all applications - if you do not hear from us within 7 working days, that means our courses may be full up or not available at the moment.

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Reiki Level 2 ... course, workshop ...

Reiki Level 3 Training and Certification ... course, workshop ...


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