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If you do a search for Online Reiki Courses, you'll come across thousands of courses with hundreds of different versions of "Reiki" - how can you decide if one is right for you?

The first point to consider: some courses do not offer original Reiki - they are variations, additions, omissions, learning or ideas borrowed from elsewhere (not strictly original Reiki teachings). Now there's nothing wrong with that - if that is what you wish to learn.

The second point: many online Reiki courses and Reiki Attunements are on offer from just a few dollars or pounds. Others charge a lot more. However, the more important consideration is this: do you really want to learn self-healing and how to help others via an online Reiki course? If you take your own self-improvement seriously and you wish to become a Reiki professional (charging others for Reiki treatment), you will not find quick fixes and short-cuts (e.g., become a Reiki Master by reading a manual).

The third point: if you take an online course, will any company offer you insurance for your Reiki practice? Not as far as we know! Even if you succeeded in getting insurance, would you have faith in self-healing or in helping others after becoming an "instant" Reiki practitioner (without any hands-on practice or personal supervision and guidance)?

As the saying goes, "You get what you pay for."

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