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Reiki doesn't prescribe any formal clothing requirements. Wear what is comfortable for you. If you are a professional Reiki Practitioner, you'll also want to ensure that you present a professional image. That doesn't mean formal clothing but you might not wish to wear very casual clothing (like jeans, etc).

Many Reiki Practitioners wear professionally printed good quality T-Shirts*. They are comfortable. You may get quite warm or hot when giving treatments - so a T-Shirt or cotton clothing may be comfortable. Others wear a little more formal clothing. Some even wear a white coat (the type you usually associate with massage therapists, etc.)

Wear what you and your clients will be comfortable with.

* T-Shirts can have your own logo or message or get ready-printed one. There's a wide choice with Reiki Symbols and slogans (e.g., Reiki Master, Reiki Practitioner, Reiki Healing, Reiki Healing Touch, Reiki Life Energy, and so on).

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