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There are two views:

1) Reiki can only be passed on from a Reiki Master and Teacher to a student in person. The student and the teacher must be physically present at the same time in the same room. 

If Reiki is not taught as above, proponents of this view say that the student has not been properly initiated or empowered to channel Reiki.

2) Another view - a student can be trained and attuned to Reiki at a distance. Some Masters and Teachers say that the attunements can be sent to the student through time and space (just like distance healing).

Which view do you take?

If you are not sure, the best thing to do is to Keep An Open Mind ...

From a much wider perspective (not just about this topic):-

With a closed mind, you are more likely to remain unenlightened.  What we consider at any given time as the absolute, the ultimate and the only truth ... changes ... from time to time.

For example, just over a dozen decades ago people would not have believed that flight was possible. That you could fly thousands of miles in a matter of hours.

What about listening to the radio - radio waves were like miracles. Beaming a television signal was just as miraculous and unbelievable at first.

Did people accept Reiki initially? No. Even today, there are millions who still don't accept such a system. Does that mean Reiki doesn't exist? That is their version of their reality.

Here are other important issues to consider:

Even if you believe distant attunements are valid, are you convinced you would receive the same quality of training from a DVD / manual compared to live training by a Master and Teacher?

Would you visit Dental Surgeons or Lawyers who simply trained via DVDs and books without any practical hands-on supervised training?

Likewise, what would your potential clients and students think about your training?

Can you get professional insurance cover with just distance learning?

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Reiki Attunement in person or at a distance?