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(pronounced "Ray Key")

People often misspell words for a number of reasons. Some spell it phonetically, others are in a rush, some guess, others just play with words. Reiki (correct spelling) has been spelt incorrectly in many ways - here are just a few examples:

  • Raikee
  • Raiki
  • Rakay
  • Ra-ke
  • Rakee
  • Rakie
  • Raky
  • Rayeki
  • Raykee
  • Raykey
  • Rayki
  • Raykie
  • Reeki
  • Reike
  • Reikee
  • Reikie
  • Reki
  • Reykey
  • Rieki
  • and many others ...

But in the end, Reiki is Reiki ... by whatever name you discover it, you'll learn its true power and universal beauty. KK   All rights reserved 2006 to date
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