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Mikao Usui, who introduced Reiki to us, used to give free Reiki healing in his early days. However, he soon discovered that free treatments did not work as well as those where there was some form of "exchange" between the healer and the receiver.

Why? Because the receiver did not have anything to lose ... there might have been a lack of motivation; or at a deep subconscious level, the receiver might have simply felt that he or she could always return for more free treatment.

The same applies to Free Reiki Attunements.

This is the concept known as "Energy Exchange"  - the giver and the receiver must have some form of exchange, not necessarily a monetary consideration. For example, the receiver might provide meals or do some other work for the giver.

If we go to even more ancient wisdom and tradition, it is the law of "karma" - if the giver gives freely, he or she creates an obligation on the receiver. This creates an imbalance for the giver and the receiver - in other words, it has an opposite impact to that which is intended.

So before giving or receiving Reiki freebies, think about an exchange of energy and about karma.  Ultimately, the choice is yours! KK   All rights reserved 2006 to date
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Free Reiki Treatment or Free Reiki Attunements ...