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There are two opposite views:

1) Does Reiki Work? Yes, Absolutely - ask all the people who have derived great benefit from Reiki both as Reiki energy healers and as Reiki receivers. In fact, a large percentage of people first receive very positive experiences with Reiki and they are so impressed, they become Reiki Practitioners and Reiki Masters and Teachers.

2) No, whatever you can't put under a microscope or some human made machine is all rubbish. Traditionally, there has always been a big divide between ancient (holistic, mind body spirit soul) tradition and so-called "modern" thinking (material, physical, body). Hence, in some places, holistic approaches have been hijacked and cornered by modern vested interests

"Many non-conventional therapies ... are not used as mainstream treatments because of social or political reasons." 01 July 2008 Psychiatric Times. Vol. 25 No. 8 FUTURE OF PSYCHIATRY Nonconventional Modalities James Lake, MD

Remember the good old days from your history, geography and scientific classes?  "Advanced" and "highly educated" "scientists" used to jump up and down shouting at the top of their collective voices, "The Earth is square and flat and if you go to the edge, you'll fall right off the Earth!"

Let's forget  "a long time ago scientists thought" - look at very recent history - less than 30 years ago. Take something as logical and precise as Mathematics. The very best mathematicians in the world thought they knew everything there was to know. What they didn't know (and what many clever people still don't know) is that our knowledge at any given time is limited, thus clouding our judgment. Only when we are open minded can we enjoy the opportunity of expanding our experience and our collective knowledge pool. When Benoit Mandelbrot published his work on Fractal Geometry (the geometry of nature), some ridiculed his work.  However, his Mandelbrot set is now an integral part of mathematics, physics, science, the study of nature, etc.

Does Reiki work? That depends upon your view!

If you believe you are simply a mechanical entity (material, physical, body), then you would be fully entitled to maintain a skeptical (sceptical) view about Reiki (or any other similar complementary and alternative therapies). If you believe you are more than just Body, then the best way to find out if Reiki works is to gain first hand experience.

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Hayden Roulston, New Zeland rider, was told in 2006 he had to stop riding immediately due to a heart condition. Now, he will be at the Beijing Olympics 2008. "Reiki is the the be-all and end-all for me ... it's pretty amazing stuff." Hayden Roulston in Life force behind lone rider,  by Gary Birkett, Olympics: Hayden Roulston lone rider, Two years ago Hayden Roulston was a dead man riding, Sunday Star Times, 27 July 2008

Olympic one-on-one: Hayden Roulston,
3 News New Zealand, 13 July 2008

David Di Somma, 3 News: “How did you fix something the medical fraternity said was life threatening?”

Hayden Roulston: “Through Reiki actually."

"I think I've basically proved my point there," he said. "I'm not saying (the doctors) were wrong but I'm not saying they were right."
Hayden Roulston, on winning his Olympic medal (crediting his recovery to Reiki therapy).
Stuff NZ 17 August 2008

"He (Hayden Roulston) made his comeback ... against medical advice, fortified by a Japanese hands-on healing process called reiki."
Otago Daily Times 17 August 2008

Another inspirational report ...

"... greatly benefited from ‘Energy Healing’ when efforts of the doctors and the scientifically proven treatments failed to wake him up from the effects of anaesthesia post his by-pass surgery. Today the man is back on his chair, healthy and fit!" Integrated therapy: Future of healing? The Times of India, 31 Jul 2008

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Does Reiki Work? Reiki Questions and Answers ...